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‘Abundant Obsession’ Argentine tango dance

‘Abundant Obsession’ 

Where does a healthy hobby start and obsession begin? What draws us time and time again to the same place, person, thought or activity. Without question, without idea of what we search for and why we go. 

My polymorphous relationship with Argentine tango dance has brought love, frustration, loneliness, longing for something more than myself. Forever on this search for the big experience that gets bigger and seemingly more dangerous as i travel this road. Dangerous to self belief, integrity and actual physical well being. Surrounded by people who have less and more awareness of these processes than i do. 

Now looking for finding myself, spending time in simply being, but there is an abundant obsession lurking in my subconsciousness every time i sleep or day dream. i wake up from an epic adventure at night only to find a new day with everything it holds. Life has slowed down and now i have time to fathom my dreams.